You know the One.


Smart, cool, creative and brilliant — the business owner who always seems to be doling out just the right offering at just the right moment.


You’d sit patiently on their waiting list for months — years! — just for a chance to chat with them on the phone.


If you met them in “real life,” you’d probably start panting like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert. And throw your panties on the stage. And get dragged away by security.


It’s your ultimate business crush.


And you can’t help but wonder ...


How did they build the business they’ve got?


How did they attract all of those adoring, addicted fans (like me?)


What’s the secret to making people totally OBSESSED with you?


(Because I’m an entrepreneur ... and I want to do that, too!)


If you fantasize about becoming the ultimate addiction, with raging fans who crave you ... need you ... breathe you ... and will pay anything to have you ...


... it’s time to get OBSESSED.


For the fourth year in a row, I’m hosting my free 5-day preview of OBSESSED – a fast-paced, heart-pounding class for anyone who creates offerings (think: services, products, classes, masterminds, events, etc.) and wants to build a totally addicted audience who truly want to BUY those exact things!


When? Where?!


The OBSESSED 5-day preview class happens online + you can participate from anywhere in the world.


The dates are: November 6th to November 10th



What happens each day?


I’ll drop one bite-sized lesson including a simple assignment for you to complete each day.


No parking, no waiting, no procrastinating. The name of the game is INSTANT gratification.


Complete your assignment of the day + post it online in our Private Facebook Group!


Each assignment will only take about 30-60 minutes to complete. No stressin’. 🙂


I’ll hang out in our private Facebook group all day, dishing out feedback and posting little tidbits of inspiration.


Plus, there are prizes. Awesome prizes.


What are the 5 lessons we’re going to cover?


I don’t want to spill all the juicy secrets, but here’s a peek at what’s to come:


Day 1

How to become a total “business crush”


Day 2

How to show your fans how much you love them, and keep them obsessed with your work. (Whether your business goal is “5 paying clients” or “5 thousand readers.”)


Day 3

How to create ALL kinds of content (NOT just blog posts!) that are totally addicting + binge-worthy.


Day 4

How to talk about your work in a way that creates multiple orgasms on the spot, instead of yawns (… or total confusion).


Day 5

How to test your ideas + tease your audience with a burlesque-inspired promotional routine (even if your industry isn’t “sexy”).


After Day 5?

The OBSESSION CONTINUES ... but it’s TOP SECRET how that goes down.

Mark your calendar for 5 heart-pounding days of creativity and genius ideas that will totally flip the way you think about “building a fanbase” and “promoting your work.”


The dates are: November 6th to November 10th


Sign up for this free online class ...


... and practice signing your autograph, because your customers + fans are about to get OBSESSED.


PLUS, I’m hosting a special FB Live Q&A session on Day 5 to answer all your burning business Qs.


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