I HEART Batching

The productivity technique that will change the game in your business. You’ll get more done in less time. Yasssss.

The SWIRL Effect

How to swirl your hidden passions + professional expertise into a fascinating personal brand. Many of our 2015, 2016 and 2017 Obsessors felt this was a GAME CHANGER!

Totally Crushable

A super-fun email connection project to spark a new client/customer relationships or strengthen existing ones.

Love Up Your List

How to build your email list without using creepy, horrible, sleazy tactics… or selling your soul.


*Each lesson includes an assignment. Complete the assignment and post in our class Facebook group for my feedback every week!


Creating Your Happy Plan

Planning everything you want to do, try, feel and experience in 2018. Not just work-related goals, but also things you want to include in your life purely for pleasure, fun, and excitement. The more pleasure you’ve got in your life, the more pleasure you can pour into your work. (Your clients can always feel the difference.)

What are you promising?

How to make promises to your clients, customers and business audience that you can (and will) keep.

How are you connecting?

In life, and in business, “fast food” connection isn’t enough. High quality, intimate, gourmet connection is where it’s at. Your customers crave intimacy, access to you, and personalization—not generic experiences.

Are your goals making you happy… or breaking your heart?

Learn the difference between Pleasure Goals and Punishing Goals, and how to set Pleasure Goals for the year.

What’s your movement?

People don’t get obsessed with gizmos, products and services. People get obsessed with movements. Create obsession by defining your movement.

The Pleasure Principle

Your customers don’t want to hang with someone who’s living in a dry, pleasure-sapped desert of misery. (Would you?) This week is all about infusing pleasure into your business.

Who turns you on?

Stop trying to please everyone. It’s tiring, feels awful, oh, and also: it’s impossible. This week is all about getting realistic and specific about the people you want to reach.

Who turns you off?

In this lesson, you learned about the Nightclub Bouncer Effect. When you start turning away the wrong kinds of customers, your entire business gets tighter, stronger, clearer, more profitable, and more obsession-worthy.

What’s in your Sizzle File?

This week, you’ll build your Obsession Sizzle File, pouring more fun and pleasure into your writing and it will shine through your words. This is an OBSESSED alumni fan-favorite lesson!

What’s your Welcome Gift?

Creating an awesome, free opt-in offer that will people will die to sign up for!

Are you speaking your customers’ language?

If you’re speaking to your customers in YOUR language, instead of THEIR language, you might as well be speaking Cantonese to a Brazilian. Major confusion. Zero obsession. This is possibly THE MOST important lesson of the entire year.

Sexy space & time to breathe.

It is better to do a few things extremely well—and with total joy—than do tons of things sloppily while hating every moment. This lesson is all about creating more space in your business.

Create & Run a FREE Challenge!

Challenges are an amazing way to grow your list and fire up the excitement for your offers (hint: way more sales!) We dig into everything you need to create & run an obsession-worthy challenge.

Reveal yourself.

Business owners who “hold back” or try to seem “perfect” are boring. This week is all about getting vulnerable – another fan favorite lesson!

Get Sexy & Specific.

By keeping things super-simple and specific, you’re eliminating “decision fatigue” and making it easier for your peeps to take action (aka: buy your stuff). I’ll show you how.

Create a “smash hit” offering.

To create a smash hit that audiences freak over, you’ve got to start with a concept that makes you LOSE YOUR MIND with excitement. Building on your previous lessons, you’ll finally create an offer your audience (and you!) will crave.

Take your work for a test drive.

Beta testing your work is a MUST. Yet many small business owner fail to do this! I’ll show you how to get the right feedback to make your offers even more enticing.

Let’s talk about… PRICING.

Not sure how to price something? No worries – we take of that in this lesson!

Stop selling. Start inviting.

The people in your business audience don’t want you to “sell” to them. This lesson is about mastering the art of the sales invite and includes some amazing plug + play templates!

The OBSESSED Launch Plan.

There are seven steps to a pleasurable & successful business launch. I’ll teach you my super-successful launch system. Most students say these lessons alone are more than worth the price of OBSESSED!

Take a tour of your biz... through your customers’ eyes.

This is my 8-part business check-up that’s crucial to do at least once per year.

Get glowing praise!

Client testimonials are a powerful form of social proof. Learn how to finally get great testimonials that convert.

Make content creation feel like a guilty pleasure.

In the OBSESSED content creation series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make writing feel like a guilty pleasure, not an awful chore
  • Unlock the topics that grip your audience by the heart and spurs them into action
  • Discovering your unique writing style
  • My personal editing process to turn rough drafts into pure gold
  • How to write must-click headlines
  • How to get people reading & sharing content like crazy
  • What to do when your audience doesn’t respond to your content.
  • How to repurpose your content without investing a ton of extra time or effort.

Building a community of people who are completely obsessed with your work.

In this series, you’ll learn seven different ways to grow your audience including:

  • Live education, like webinars, teleseminars, and classes
  • Tapping into online and offline communities
  • Publicity (guest blogging, getting booked on podcasts, featured in magazines, on TV, etc.)
  • Contests and games and prizes
  • Speaking gigs, workshops, and presentations
  • Partnerships with like-minded individuals

Spruce, sparkle & personalize!

Learn how to personalize every aspect of your business so your customers feel more valued and appreciated (and you totally stand out!)

All that, plus:

52 Facebook Live Q&A sessions

Personalized feedback on your assignments

A private Facebook group where you can “pick my brain” on all kinds of business questions.

Prizes galore

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