A year-long group business mentorship program for entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, and consultants.


If you’re an entrepreneur, that means you’ve got products and services to sell — and you want to sell them consistently. #Duh #Obviously


Most business experts say: “Oh, you want more sales? Then get tens of thousands of people to sign up for your mailing list! More subscribers! More more more! Push! Harder! More webinars! More sales funnels! More paid advertising! Sales is just a numbers game!”


Seems like good advice, so you try to follow it.


And where does it get you?


Crying into your laptop. Burnt out. Exhausted. The fun drains out of your work until you’re wondering, “How did my beautiful dream-business turn into... this?”


You start to mistrust the people spewing business advice out there — and worse, you start to doubt yourself. (“Maybe I just suck at all of this...”)


You don’t want to give up, just yet, but you’ve got to get more cash flowing through the door or it’s just not going to be feasible to keep going.


And then, somehow, through the miracle of the Internet, you find yourself clicking over to this website, reading these words on this page.

Hi. I’m Melissa Cassera, I’m a Publicity Expert, Professional Screenwriter, and the creator of OBSESSED.

If the frustrating situation I just described sounds like a dramatic scene pulled directly out of your real life, keep reading. Because I have an invitation for you.

Melissa Cassera Pencil

You are officially invited to stop pushing and stressing about “the numbers”... right now.

Exhale. Let that go.

You do not necessarily need a “massive audience” in order to sell your products and services consistently and earn the income that you want.


You can make a beautiful living with a boutique audience... a big audience... or a Beyoncé-sized audience.


Size. Does. Not. Matter.


What does matter is the level of OBSESSION that your audience feels for you.


The level of excitement, anticipation and give-it-to-me-NOW-ness that they feel about your offerings, your content, and all of the work that you do.




... is everything.


Building OBSESSION...


... is an art form.


And YOU...


... are invited to spend one year — training with me — as you learn how to build an audience of raving fans who need you... breathe you... and will pay anything to have you.


Feeling... OBSESSED?


Explore the program and make the call.


It all begins December 2017.


Why I created OBSESSED.


Total honesty:


People have a lot of crazy ideas about the “right” way to attract fans and promote their work, and it makes me want to reach through my computer screen, grab them by the shoulders, and say “No no no! That’s not... um... please, just stop. Let me help you.”


I’ve worked in the trenches of publicity and business consulting for over a decade, serving hundreds of private clients and thousands of students.


I study celebrity trends like a fiend, and I know what it takes to build an audience that is OBSESSED with you — no matter what industry you’re in.


The principles of obsession are really simple — and once you understand them, you’ll be like, “Ohhhhh! It’s that easy. I was making it way too complicated!”


Bottom line:


There’s nothing more fun that discovering your latest stay-up-all-night OBSESSION, and I want YOU to be that obsession... for YOUR audience!


Join me for OBSESSED... and let’s have a freaking blast. 🙂



For me, it's not a question if you can afford Obsessed. It's that you can't afford NOT to...

My business partner and I wanted to host an overnight retreat called 'LIT. The Wedding Photography Lighting Workshop.’ This was our first workshop ever, and with an unlimited number of amazing photography workshops out there, I was initially afraid no one would come to ours.

Obsessed gave me a mission and a purpose to put this workshop into the world.

Tease People. Peak their interest. Get them talking. Get them wondering. It gave me a framework as well. We used the lessons to build a calendar of events for the launch of the workshop. We used Obsessed to schedule 'teasers' and 'tidbits' while leading people t ao sign up for a waiting list. Most importantly, we used the Obsessed lessons to get other people talking about our workshop. Someone else talking about you is a million times better than you talking about yourself.

I am almost certain if we did not use Obsessed to create our plan of marketing attack, it would not hav garnered as much attention as it did. We also used Obsessed to create an exceptional experience for our attendees. People were SO excited about being cooped up in an estate with us for two days. The last morning we had a financial presentation prepared, but at the last minute we said “F-it” and talked with each person about their life, their goals and dreams, and how we can all help each other get there. It was magnificent. We found our tribe, and they found us.

I can’ t wait to continue using the Obsessed lessons to launch more workshops and experiences.

Who OBSESSED is for.


OBSESSED is a one-year mentorship and training program for small business owners, online entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants.


It’s designed for people who create products, services and experiences who are feeling disappointed by slow or inconsistent sales.


This program will help you figure out why people aren’t buying so that you can fix the situation... and start building OBSESSION.


Inside OBSESSED, you will learn how to...


: Figure out exactly what your audience needs, now, so that you can meet those needs like a mind reader.


: Access your inner writing minx — creating blog content, e-books and teaching materials that are more page-turningly-delicious than Fifty Shades of Anything.


: Keep your audience engaged and enthralled — not just for one launch, but for the long haul. You’ll learn how to respond to their evolving needs so that the obsession stays strong.


Bottom line...


This program is NOT about “building a massive list” or “getting a zillion likes,” just for the sake of looking “famous” or “influential” online.


It’s about building an audience (any size) that is OBSESSED with you… and it’s about making useful, inspiring things that those people actually want to buy… and making money. End of story.


If that sounds like a miracle to you, keep exploring or go ahead and sign up now.


(OBSESSED begins this December.)


One payment of $1000

Three payments of $350



Obsessed pushed me to see myself in a whole new light.

My biggest moment of success (and there are several) was quitting my day job. That ball had been in motion for a while, but I really believe that being in Obsessed (and Melissa's personal energy) gave me a bolt of courage to say 'I can do this' - and then do it. While I've been in showbiz for a VERY long time, I'm just finding my ground and spreading my wings in this online world.

Obsessed laid the foundation of what to expect in this wonderland and then the lessons guided me through it. Obsessed taught me all the things I needed to know about running an biz - online and off. Melissa consistently encouraged me to really dig deep and think about how I could best help + serve the peeps who come into my world wanting to 'channel' those feelings of boldness and brazenness they see in me. I am forever Obsessed!

Exactly what you get inside OBSESSED.

OBSESSED is a one-year mentorship and training program... with a twist.




Your OBSESSED training begins this December.


You’ll receive some crazy fun prep work to get your goals and ideas and budget in line for 2018.


You’ll also complete a mini-questionnaire — for my eyes, only — telling me a bit more about you, your business vision, and your plans for the New Year. (I pore over each and every questionnaire so that I can provide specific, personalized feedback for you all year long — and remind you about your goals and vision if, uh, you forget!)


Then, breathe easy — enjoy plenty of guilty pleasures over holiday break — and in January 2018 we swing back into action.


Every week:


: You’ll get a bite-sized training lesson and an assignment to complete, delivered in a gorgeously-designed workbook that feels like a glossy magazine - or you can choose to watch the lesson with my narration (I promise to entertain you!)


: Every lesson is designed to help you do ONE thing: build an audience of raging fans who need you... breathe you... and will pay anything to have you.


: You will post your completed assignments in our private class Facebook group, where I will provide feedback and encouragement to absolutely everyone.


: I’ll host Facebook Live chats in our private group where we go a little deeper into the weekly lesson and you can get coaching from me! Because these chats happen weekly, there will be plenty of opportunity to get your questions answered.

Every month:


: We’ll have a virtual group “batching day” where we all set aside time (as much as you want!) to complete a project you’ve been itching to get to  - like creating an online course, writing sales copy, writing a bunch of blog posts, [finally] writing that book, etc.


Think of it like a monthly productivity party where you’ll get writing tips + pep talks from me allll day long.


To sum it all up, you get:

50 OBSESSED lessons

50 OBSESSED assignments

52 Facebook Live Q&A sessions

Personalized feedback on your assignments

A private Facebook group where you can “pick my brain” on all kinds of business questions.

Prizes galore

Feeling OBSESSED, already?

One payment of $1000

Three payments of $350



Obsessed has made such a huge impact on my writing. Read more...

Thank you Melissa for giving us permission to write like we talk! I also love how we create our business promise early on in the course. This lesson helped me set the tone for the rest of the year and really hone in on my voice. Also, I just think Melissa is the best writer eveeeeerrrrrrrr!

About your OBSESSED trainer.

Melissa Cassera About Image

Hey, I’m Melissa Cassera — an award-winning Publicity Expert & Professional Screenwriter.


I’ve been running my own publicity business for over a decade. When it comes to building a profitable biz that feels like a guilty pleasure, I’m no newbie here.


And, in just a few short years, I’ve added Professional Screenwriter to my accomplishments. My first movie GIRL FOLLOWED currently airs on Lifetime Network and I sold my first TV series, which is currently in development. So exciting!


I walk my walk, talk my talk, and have plenty of happy clients to back up my points.


I know what it takes to build an audience that is OBSESSED with you.


An audience that will buy — and promote — just about everything you make.

I believe that running your business should feel like a guilty pleasure... that working with clients should feel like hanging out with your very best friends... and that creating products, services and content for your audience should feel like the biggest turn-on, ever.



This is the ONLY program that I offer live, so if you dig me & my work, this is your chance to get my eyeballs on your business for one whole year… and meet a community of passionate business owners who aren’t afraid to dole out love, support, great ideas and encouragement.


As you learn how to build an OBSESSED fanbase for your business, some pretty magical things will start happening, too.


: Selling your stuff will feel relaxed and easy, because your audience will feel like “family” — not “strangers” that you have to “persuade” or “impress.”


: Creating products, services and content will become a no-brainer — you’ll never be short on ideas, because people will actually TELL you what they need most.


: Cool and surprising opportunities will start showing up, out of the blue (magazine features, interviews, speaking gigs, galore...)


Yep. That’s what happens when the right people are OBSESSED with you.


Ready to make it official? Sign up for the program, right now.


One payment of $1000

Three payments of $350


I am only looking for people who are 100% committed to building an OBSESSED business audience and who are 100% confident that I’m the gal to get them there.


If you’re new to my world and want to get to know me a bit better before you decide, you can:


- Take OBSESSED for a test drive with a delicious & free 5-day “teaser” course. SIGN UP HERE.


- Read my blog posts to get a feel for my teaching style and personality.


Bottom line:


Educate yourself, poke around, grab a sampler platter of my free offerings, and then make the call.


If you have any questions that you can’t find addressed in this FAQ section, you can also email me directly: (I’m super friendly and happy to answer your q’s!)

Can. Not. Wait. Is it time for OBSESSED, yet?!


One payment of $1000

Three payments of $350




I absolutely love the OBSESSED course and I'm so happy I took it! The launch series was my favorite because it explains in detail the whole process and how to do it where the focus is on the customer. I always felt so well taken care of and looked forward to receiving more content for the course. I've also learned so much about not trying to sound like everyone else but find your own voice. I'm no longer afraid to write with confidence. My business has soared since taking the class and I’ m so grateful to have found Melissa and the OBSESSED course.



Obsessed helped me finally feel confident in all the sparkle I have to offer the world and my students. I know how to speak JUST to them and make them feel valued. I even tripled the price of my group program – a first for me! My favorite lesson was finding your mission – it was exactly what I needed to get back to my roots when I felt confused and lost my way with all the shiny distractions. The launch series also has so many fabulous ideas!

Corinne Dobbas


OBSESSED helped me realize that I wasn't alone. Over the past 7 years in business, I’ve had lots of highs and lows and everything in-between. But, the realness and the honesty that Melissa shares about not having “overnight millions” is something that's so important for people to hear. To have someone teaching people through the lens of creating relationships and authenticity to build a successful business is how I grow my own business. And, if you're going to have an online business or work for yourself, you need a tribe of people who help you feel less alone. And that's what OBSESSED has made me feel - less alone. Everyone wants to feel seen and heard.

Brogan Micallef


I loved all of the OBSESSED lessons, but my hands-down favorite is The Swirl Effect! Working through that lesson really helped me to add more of my non-biz loves into my work and content (in a way that feels really good). Also, I feel like it's been an awesome professional development activity that's allowed me to better help my clients, too!



OBSESSED means more than I can pour into words. The most amazing moments have been getting such great, positive reception about what I'm teaching. I love that people not only think making comics sounds cool (total music to my ears!) but want to learn from me. The more I shared my work from my OBSESSED lessons, the feedback and great reception kept flowing. I've got my first "fan" email (which is incredible!) and people are referring their friends. Never have I done something where people reach out saying "this is so cool! I know someone who would LOVE this!" I also have to say: Melissa is a total Facebook super-ninja! I am beyond impressed by how she never fails to reply to every lesson posted in the group.



$1000 is a DEAL for Obsessed. The class completely changed every biz conversation I've had. Sales are up, clients trust me more, I'm more confident. I really love how Obsessed pulls your business together seamlessly. Using theweekly lessons, I was able to work in real-time with Melissa’s guidance updating my website, creating opt-in offers and freebies, creating (and sticking to) a content schedule, creating compelling offers and communicating them in a way that excited my audience. Obsessed is amazing!



I loved this OBSESSED course so much! I used the free challenge lessons to create "31 Days for Falling in Love Again with your Biz" and built a 1,000 person list in just a few weeks. Then, following the step-by-step launch lessons, I launched my first live small group retreat and the launch went so well that I had to book a second weekend. Obsessed makes marketing so much easier and I can revisit the lessons religiously every time I create and launch a new offer. Every week opening my Obsessed email felt like a special treat. Melissa writes ridiculously well, so it was like reading a glossy magazine AND becoming a smarter biz owner at the same time.



I can’t hold it any longer. Like the guy you’ve been dating for months but haven’t told your parents yet, my fave obsession is OBSESSED. Melissa’s lessons are fun & inspiring. I look forward to every Monday morning when a new one pops into my inbox and I get to see what I can play with, explore & create with my brand and my message of inspiring others to see the favor inevery situation and use it to empower their lives (and love lives). I am truly obsessed! What a gift. I’m in love with this class and all the peeps in it!



My first online program, Color Your Summer, was a huge hit – 103 sign-ups! It was all due to the inspiration and education in Obsessed. I would never (and I mean never) have done it without being a part of this. I loved the accountability in Obsessed and I ADORE Melissa’s style. She makes me laugh on a continual basis, which made business - that can sometimes be so-serious - seriously fun. Melissa has a gift and I feel so lucky to have been part of Obsessed.



My favorite thing about OBSESSED and Melissa is that it’s the opposite of pretty much every course / program / ‘miracle’ product out there. It’s not about shortcuts. It’s about being present to the people who are already listening. It’s about being the best YOU so you inspire others to do the same. I used to cringe after sending out newsletters and worried that people would unsubscribe. Now I take it as a compliment if they do. It means I’m making way for people who care. I checked my MailChimp for the first time in awhile with the intention to ‘not worry about the numbers’ only to be pleasantly surprised that my list had grown and my open rates were higher than ever. I love the quality not quantity approach and the idea that by appreciating what you have now, you become magnetic. We’re energetic beings who know what’s really up. We can sense real from fake. The good from the bad. So glad to have found the gem that is OBSESSED!



My biggest moment of “I did it” success in OBSESSED was launching my own program! I sold out my beta group in less than 24 hours. I'm thrilled I finally pulled up my big girl panties and put it out into the world! I used the "The Launch Plan" series to really help me pull it together. I loved the pacing of OBSESSED -one assignment per week and the ability to get feedback from Melissa and other peers in the group. I also loved the writing lessons - writing is something I’ve always struggled with and now I use Melissa’s prompts and templates to craft my sales pages and newsletters.



I’ve used all of the OBSESSED lessons to help start a magical Crystal business called Luna Prosperity! The lessons on the opt-in/welcome gifts and all the content and copywriting lessons really set us apart from other companies. The feedback from Melissa and other Obsessors keep our biz writing witty and magical! Melissa always helps me authentically write conversationally, instead of feeling like I have to be a buttoned-up “professional” (so boring). My open and click-through rates have gone up and people are way more engaged. People totally respond to the simple calls-to-action and other OBSESSED tips/templates.

We’ve also experienced tons of unexpected surprises in our new business, like gaining an obsessed fan base with some professional sports players! I also love how everyone in Obsessed is positive, enchanting and shares a serious vibe of abundance!



When I signed up for Obsessed, I didn't even have a website and never wrote a blog post. Using the Obsessed lessons, I now have a website, three awesome opt-in gifts, a mailing list with ideal clients, and I’ve been published in 4 different places. My favorite part is that strangers write back to me after reading my blog posts and thank me. I've learned so much from Obsessed, from the copy on my site, to using my voice, to learning that less is more, learning about teasing, consistency, editing, doing my own thing, inviting (not selling), making time for fun - the list goes on.

I also really appreciate the reality Melissa teaches in this class. She doesn’t use scare tactics to lure you in or bombard you with endless, cheesy sales funnels. She shares the reality of being in business for over a decade and what it takes to not only build a business, but to build one with longevity and authenticity. Obsessed is a breath of fresh air.

View More:


I love Obsessed. In the past I was always launching at the last minute and writing launch e-mails in a stressed out state. Now I have everything prepared ahead of time thanks to our Obsessed launch lessons and feel super excited about my launch! I also loved the lesson on creating a Happy Plan - its something I continually go back to whenever I'm feeling stuck. Obsessed is also a really easy program to stick with all year long, and I plan to re-use the lessons for life!



I’ve been writing & editing with joy thanks to OBSESSED! I can whip out rough drafts with no problem, but editing? Errr… never. The OBSESSED editing lesson is a runaway favorite. This reframed editing for me such that my entire writing process has been transformed. A thousand times thank you.

I loved OBSESSED - and the weekly dose of Melissa musings is awesome. Marketing strategies are taught in such a creative fashion, it’s refreshing. I love all the examples Melissa uses from TV, pop culture, and her own screenwriting experiences.



My biggest moment of OMG success in Obsessed was creating my Everyday Vixens Summit.

It has been a labor of love and lots of sacrifice, but I feel like I've finally found my stride. I don't think I've ever cried more, both happy tears and stressed out ones. But here's the deal: this never would have happened without Obsessed. I would have given up a long time ago. The value in this program is that it teaches you to experiment and think for yourself without unrealistic expectations. So I go into this with open eyes knowing it's hard work, but doing it is so worth it.

All of the OBSESSED lessons challenge me to think about my business differently. Some of my favorites include the epic launch series because it was not-salesy and was so much fun.

Who says that about launching?

I also loved the exercises in the beginning helping me to define who I wanted to work with and what my boundaries are. I needed that so much because setting appropriate boundaries is hard when you want to give, give, give. My ideal client is still evolving and my business is still in its infancy as I try to figure everything out, but I have the tools to do that thanks to Obsessed and the amazing people in class.


One payment of $1000

Three payments of $350


Sophie Baker Photography©


Obsessed has helped me feel way more confident about following my own way and not having to use icky hard sales techniques. I am loving my biz and it does feel like a guilty pleasure! My favorite lessons were those in the launch series. Melissa laid out a step-by-step plan that was super helpful and actually works, especially learning how to tease my audience effectively - which really increased engagement. I also hosted a free challenge that was a huge success. It was a big leap for me in terms of directly engaging with my audience in real time and understanding their struggles. I have a gazillion ideas for future content now. Melissa gives everyone attention, love and support all year long. I have enjoyed Obsessed thoroughly, and always look forward to my weekly OBSESSED lesson.



I loved everything about OBSESSED. There have been other courses that I have taken which haven't lived up to expectation. Not OBSESSED ... it totally went over and above my expectations.

During OBSESSED, I launched my first ever online course and launched my online shop. I’m so excited and thrilled to bits to accomplish this in less than one year!

I also loved Melissa’s constant guidance to give extra love to our clients and business. I use her methods for my online orders, and a client was so surprised and delighted - she immediately wanted to stock my products at her clinic!  She is situated all the way on the other end of the country and I’m so excited to have my products already reaching new markets.

When I think of where I was this time last year and where I am now I am so proud of myself. Thank you Melissa!! xo

Patti Lynn


Obsessed has really sparked my creative fires + made starting a biz actually fun! My biggest moment of success was the shedding of "who I think I have to be" + the blossoming into "Who I Really Am!" Melissa's guidance has helped me to come out of my shell, to love being me, and in turn that helps to reach my ideal peeps! I loved all the Obsessed lessons, but my absolute favorite was learning how to edit my content - there's something about letting go of a bunch of stuff that is so freeing to just be me + let that come out in my writing, with no unnecessary stuff. Divine! 🙂 I'm forever grateful, Melissa! <3



I have changed so much of the way I approach my business because of OBSESSED. I truly appreciate all the hard work and heart Melissa puts into creating and maintaining this course. This is the best course EVER and worth every penny.

One of the main reasons I took this course was because I was really struggling to get out of my professional writer's voice and into my natural voice when I write. It's there when I speak publicly, but I couldn't quite make the transition with that voice into writing. Now I have, and I love it. And so does my tribe - thanks to every OBSESSED assignment that stretched my writing voice. The lessons on challenges and launching really connected me to my tribe in a way I never would have imagined. Seeing the response of the women as they learn to do something they've always wanted to do, but hadn't a clue how to go about it... and now do it so well... well that's worth it all.



The lovely Melissa, through her totally fun Obsessed class, helped me with many things, mainly having fun while marketing and teaching communication skills. But the one single thing that has made an EPIC difference is drilling down to my defined target audience. This has totally changed the way I talk about my business. Before, when people asked me what I did and I explained "communication training," I always got eye glaze, if not snoring. Now I explain that I teach technical, introverted professionals how to communicate more effectively without having to become chatterboxes, the reaction is immediate interest. People ask for my card. Executive coaching clients find me out of nowhere. The same managers in the same companies who ignored me before are now having meetings with me. It's been a total change for the better. Thank you, Melissa!



My favorite part of Obsessed are all the scripts Melissa gives us. OMG they are so beyond, incredibly, super, amazingly helpful. It’s like I have my own copywriter and all I have to do is fill in the blanks, I love them!!!

Example: as soon as I changed one of my sales emails to one of Melissa’s scripts people instantly began replying! It was so incredible.

I’m Obsessed… with Obsessed.

Joanne Schneider


By following the Obsessed Launch Plan lessons, I had the most fun launch, ever! This is the first time I’ve had an event that SOLD OUT and the event itself far exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Melissa, for all your help, love and support. I’m on cloud 9.

Shelley Cohen


On a typical Monday, I'd roll out of bed, rubbing my eyes and thinking to myself that I can't believe another weekend of play is over... that’s before I enrolled in Melissa Cassera's OBSESSED class.

Melissa has taught me that I can be successful in my business as my soft, bubbly self and not have to conform to cut-throat business building techniques.  I can be feminine, girly and play with glitter and build an OBSESSED audience and a rocking biz.

OBSESSED is like having a convo with your bestie...that's like super awesome at giving you the perfect amount of love and truth smacks... only she's a PR and Business growing goddess!